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World Cup 2022 Patch Set - Blue (darker) and Purple

World Cup 2022 Patch Set - Blue (darker) and Purple

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As worn by England and Argentina during the tournament in Qatar 2022. Please check match photos for 

Size: Approx. 88x82mm


There were two versions of each patch (design-wise) and several locations making each patch. The key identifying factors on these are:


Football Unites

Darker blue colour

White Fifa writing in a black box, with no TM.

The White boarder is closer to the edge of the patch than the other version


Qatar Patch

This patch is the same across the two versions



Temperature:  145 Degrees C

Time: 15 Seconds on a firm press

Peel: We suggest leaving for 5-10 seconds or so, to ensure the corners stick. It is not an immediate peel 

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